Syncing Completed Tasks with Microsoft Calendar

I’ve read that this feature only functions with incomplete tasks, reflecting those and any subtask that hasn’t been marked complete. Is there a workaround for this? Would be great to see all tasks within our shared Microsoft calendar. Can anyone please advise?


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What you mentioned seems to be the case. Although this is rather old post this would still work: Project task sync in Outlook calendar: completed tasks being taken off? - #2 by Bastien_Siebman
You can also consider setting up rules that would move those tasks to a separate project.

Does this help?

It does, and I had a feeling that’s what we’d end up doing. Thanks for sending this my way @Andrea_Mayer!

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@Andrea_Mayer, we had a follow-up question for this. Now that we have our calendar in sync with Outlook, we’re looking to do two things:

  1. Add another Task field that features an “Activation Date” along with our Task “Due Date.”
  2. Ensure that the “Activation Date” is in fact the date syncing with our Outlook calendar.


Hey @RobinALewis
oh I see so basically start and end date of a task.

There are some apps available with which you can achieve this.
I had a quick look and it seems zzbots is one of them. Here is a video as well: How to Sync Asana Task Start Time With Outlook Calendar | zzBots - YouTube

I hope that helps