Done task items disappearing from Google Calendar

Hello! I think I’ve discovered a weird bug. I put several tasks into Asana last week and assigned them due dates. When I looked at Google Calendar today, I see that the ones which were then marked done are no longer showing on Google Calendar. Ones which haven’t been checked off yet do show up.

My understanding is that if I create a task, assign it a due date, then immediately check it off, it’ll never sync to Google Calendar. But what I don’t understand is why items which were marked as done hours/days after creation are then being taken off Google Calendar.

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@amanda I recommend that you visit this Guide article about the Google calendar integration with Asana. As you can see in the “A few things to note” section, completed tasks will not sync.

So I’m right in that even if I complete a task days after adding it (and it’s already shown up in Google Calendar), at some point, the completed task will be removed from GC?

That is correct. At the time of the sync, completed tasks will not sync. If you’d like to complete a task but keep it on google calendar, you could create a task with one subtask. Then, mark the subtask complete and you’ll still see the parent task on your calendar.