Recurring tasks not showing up on Google Calendar

I recently integrated a project with Google Calendar and while the main tasks are showing up on it, it’s not showing any recurring/daily tasks. Is there anything I’m missing/doing wrong or is the functionality not available?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Keep in mind that Asana doesn’t actually create a new task in a repeated task sequence until the previous task has been completed. Once you complete the task it’ll create a new one, and then you have to wait for it to sync. It’s not behavior I would have chosen, and it’s not the only thing wrong with the google calendar integration either.


Hi @Puja_Madan,

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When you set up a recurring task (How to complete task fields | Product guide • Asana), it will only appear for the next time the task is due, not every single time the recurring task is due in the future.

When you mark a recurring task completed, it will duplicate itself for the next time the recurring task is set to be due.

This is to ensure that your project or calendar in Asana is not over flooded with too many recurring tasks. Imagine if you had multiple recurring tasks that repeated daily or weekly, if they displayed all occurrences on your project, your project would be over flooded with all recurring tasks.

We are considering changes to this feature and will note your suggestion to help inform future product developments.

We appreciate knowing what you think about the product.


I am new to Asana and really love the project tracking features … I am also struggling with the recurring tasks. Most of my office work is recurring and the calendar function is crucial in scheduling when new tasks should be completed by (due date). I am trying to assign a due date to a new task right now … and unable to look forward on the calendar to see what’s already due that week/day for my employees. I don’t want to overload them if a day is already full of scheduled tasks. Is there anyway around this - so the calendar populates all tasks based on the given recurring schedule so you can plan ahead? Help! :slight_smile:


Hi Nicola, thanks for your response. I’ve been checking some, not all, tasks off and none of them show up the next day. I’m on chrome and Mac OS.

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Hi @Puja_Madan — There can sometimes be a bit of a delay between Asana and Google Calendar. Is the recurrence of the task you completed still not showing up?

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Is there any work around? I cant tell my team what to do next month if I cant see what they already have on

my tasks do not appear updated in google calendar.

Hi @Carolina_Basso. We’d like to help! I recommend that you start by reading these resources:

If you’re unable to find a solution there, could you please provide information about your configuration and also share screenshots of what you’re seeing? Thanks!

Hi, doesn´t updated. If I modified the task for another day, in the google calendar, dont´t updated the new date/hour. I have two print´s, but don´t uploaded because i new here. See the print of google, please.


This is my print of asana.

Hi @Carolina_Basso - I believe what you’re seeing is a result of the delay in sync time between Google Calendar and Asana calendar. Unfortunately there is not an immediate fix for this problem. You may be interested in contributing to this product feedback thread on the subject: Real time, two ways Calendar integration

I too find the recurring tasks behaviour strange. And it is counter-productive a lot more than helping to remove the clutter. I always want to know if I have planned something to do on any other day in the future, so I schedule my other tasks accordingly. If I know only about the next occurrence of a task, I can’t reasonably plan for the more distant future. This needs to be solved in both Asana calendar and in Google calendar sync. As someone said in the recurring tasks in calendar view topic: the recurring task clutter is the actual work that needs to be done. Asana’s purpose is to help organise the work to do, but suggesting there is nothing to be done in a more distant future is not helping to organise at all!