Recurring Tasks not showing in my Calendar View

Hi! I’m new to Asana and I am in the process of bringing my organizations to the software. Everything was going smooth until we couldn’t view recurring tasks in the calendar view.

Is Asana unable to show recurring tasks in the calendar view?

We have meetings every Wednesday at 4:30PM.

So if it’s Monday and someone asks me to schedule a meeting for for the next week’s Wednesday at 4:15, how would I know I am booked up at that time if I haven’t checked this week’s Wednesday’s 4:30PM meeting task? I’ll end up scheduling two meetings at the same time.

Without being able to see my recurring tasks in the calendar view, I can’t rely on Asana’s calendar. Is there a workaround with another system that I could integrate like Apple Calendar or Google Calendar? Maybe using Zapier, etc.?

Thanks for any input on this.

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