Visibility of all Recurring tasks

I question came up today, I didn’t know how to answer.

We created a weekly recurring task, but couldn’t see all of the tasks in the calendar only the next week. Is there a way to view all of the recurring task as you would if you created a recurring calendar event.

Also how do you make sub-task appear in the calendar?




Great questions, @Phil.

For recurring tasks, it will only show the current instance so that one recurring task doesn’t completely fill up your task list. If you do want to see more than one instance out on the calendar, I would recommend setting 4 different recurring tasks that each recur 4 weeks after completion. That way, you can see the dates set out for the next month and will have the next occurrences build out from there.

Regarding subtasks on the calendar, you can do this using an Advanced Search by searching for tasks in the project and then under “Add Filter” > More > Subtasks : Select “Any”.

Once you run the search, you can toggle to the calendar view of the search.


Lame. For me, the whole point of getting a calendar view is to see all the tasks and when they’re due. Not being able to do that is a complete deal breaker for me. It renders Asana useless as a planning tool. I don’t have time to set the same calendar item every day and week.


I agree with Uma. To me, I need to see that for planning purposes. I don’t want to schedule something accidentally knowing I will have something auto show once I complete it the week before. Disappointing. Can’t we have this option?


Agreed. The entire point of the calendar view is to see what the calendar looks like, even if it is ‘cluttered’, that clutter is actual literal work that’s happening so it needs to be indicated.


Hi @Kaitie - I am afraid your instructions haven’t worked for me in terms of being able to see anything recurring in the asana calendar. It seems crazy that you can’t simply see it - this is key for our business as the other users have said. Can you clarify your instructions on how we might be able to make this work? Because when I follow them, it still does not appear in the calendar view. Many thanks.


I’m sorry for the continued trouble, @Rachel_Spedding. I’ve captured your feedback and request for the product team, and I’m going to move this thread to our Feedback category for visibility for the team in the future.


Agreed. Feels very frustrating not to be able to create an overview of everyday workload for my team.


I agree we need a means to switch on/off a view that allows us to see the repeat tasks. I for example present my tasks to my customer and not seeing forward full load fails to show the hours the contract needs.
I add to this point that the API with Instagantt needs this data to show the same information on a project plan and as importantly to show the workload on my organisation.

This is a critical feature so I hope Asana and Instagantt that provide this ASAP!



Same here. We need this ASAP please asana Team.


It’s too easy for one task to get missed and the recurring task to die there. There needs to be a way to limit the lengthy task lists for recurring tasks AND to see the recurring tasks on the calendar, no matter if the previous task was completed.


Has this issue been addressed? I need to be able to see at least three months ahead in the Calendar view, and feels crazy that I have to manually add a recurring item each week in order to see it in the Calendar? I don’t understand how Asana can be used for planning without this.


Hi. This would be an important feature for me as well. Hopefully this thread can be notified if it does become a feature.



I absolutely need this feature as well.


Agreed, there should be an option to differentiate between parallel and sequential recurring tasks. I’d like the option of saying “repeat this every Friday until x date” and have my list and calendar reflect that, even if it makes for a really long task list. I’m trying to build a content calendar, with a podcast that is released every other week - and I’d like to be able to look a year out and see what dates my podcast will be released in October of 2018, for instance. I could then fill in details on each task as I go along, but would have all of the “Podcast” tasks built out recurring, so I don’t have to create them all individually and figure out dates manually.

Leaving the option to “repeat after completion” as an option, not the default (if I don’t want my list cluttered) would be ideal for handling sequential recurring tasks.


Agreed. This feature is crucial, and the calendar view is useless without it.


+1 - I hope Asana can fix this soon.


Any update on progress here? I just want to reiterate what others have said here. I am going to need to use another planning tool in order to see what’s coming up in calendar view. I need to be able to plan at least 3 months at a time. Just like in google calendar if you make a repeat event, it shows up repeatedly. Would love to see this feature added asap. Thanks!


Agree with everyone else, the calendar view really needs to have every recurrence of a recurring task. This is how Google Calendar works, as well as every other calendar I’ve ever seen. Is this at least on the backlog?


Just getting started with ASANA - agree that this would be considered in next version.
This is a must feature in a serious planning tool.