Recursive task and calendar

I created a task that should be completed every Thursday.
Why do I see that it is scheduled for every day?

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What you are referring to on why it kind of seems to be showing daily is since you set the general task duration from 12.7.2022 to 2.2.2023 so the whole task duration is reflected here.
More info see How to complete task fields in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide
With how you set it up now it means the task is always repeating on Thursday‘s.

If you change that date on the top to just a due date and no start date, so for example due date: 8.12.2022 and keep the recurring setting that you put and when you close the task then a new one will be created due on the 15.12.2022

Now there are also some feedback request threads asking for a better visibility of recurring tasks that might be interesting for you to vote on:

I still didn’t really understand. If I want to schedule a visit to the chess club every Wednesday, how do I make this event only show up every Wednesday throughout the year.

Just set the first due date to Wednesday. Then set the task to recurring every Wednesday.

And yet I cannot understand.
I have the periodicity set every week on Wednesday.
Start and end dates are set.
As I understand it, there should be six separate tasks each Wednesday.
There is no way I can achieve this. One task for the entire period is always displayed.

A recurring task means once you complete the task a new one is created.
So at all times, only one task shows, until you complete it then the next one is created.

I have shared the relevant feedback request above to vote on Visibility of all Recurring tasks which would be exactly what you want to achieve as well: showing every recurrence of a recurring task.