A tool to create "recurring" tasks appearing in calendars

Hi :wave:,

We know that recurring tasks in Asana don’t appear in Asana “in advance”. For example a daily task appears just once, so:

  • your calendar does not really reflect the reality
  • you can’t work on the next task before the previous one is done

I am considering building a tool (to complete my list on http://minimalist-work.com/asana/) where you could give details of a task (title, description) and a recurring pattern (every business day) as well as a start and end date -> the tool would then create one task for each occurrence! Within seconds you could have a task created for each business day in 2021 for example!

Would anyone find this useful? If you want to be notified when that comes out, subscribe to changes on that topic.

:rotating_light: The tool is now available online!


@Bastien_Siebman yep I would… The booking calendar that I use for Peaceful Hub needs that.

At the moment I setup the main task and then duplicate as many as I need. Which is time consuming…


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Hey @Bastien_Siebman,

Considering all folks who have engaged on Visibility of all Recurring tasks, I’ve no doubt this would be a popular tool!

Ps: I’ve moved your post to the #integrations category :slight_smile:


This would be VERY helpful!!

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This would be extremely helpful!

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My buddy Léo is working on getting this off the ground with my codebase :heart:

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Love this idea! Would definitely help visualize the workflow better.

This would be so helpful. We often struggle to properly assess our teams true capacity/workload due to this issue!

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Yes! I think this would be very useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hang in there, this is coming :slight_smile: dev is finished, I need to polish a couple of things and will release on Thursday I believe.


Very excited for this feature to be available!

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Here we are: the first version is ready!

:rotating_light: Remember that I always release as early as possible so people can get value right away. And then I try to quickly implement requests, if they make sense. So please suggest features you need!

:money_with_wings: Advanced pattern and assignee are paid feature, with the free version you can create a recurring task every day between two dates.


This is so exciting @Bastien_Siebman. Don’t hesitate to loop this announcement in other relevant threads like: Visibility of all Recurring tasks.

On my end, I have shared it internally with our team :wink: cc @Emily_Roman


Looks cool @Bastien_Siebman

Will have a play around and make some suggestions…

Will have a look at the Advanced features as well.



@Bastien_Siebman Would you mind listing out the available recurring patterns for the premium version?


  • daily
  • periodically: X days after completion
  • weekly: every X week on following days
  • monthly: every X month on the Yth day
  • yearly

What I really need in recurring and Asana doesn’t give is for it to support say “the 3rd Monday of every month”. Is that possible?

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I could, I’ll reach out in private message.

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The tool now allows you (with a paid token) to choose a date time as well as the target project.