How do I create a similar, but separate tasks that occur every Monday at one go?

Our team wants to create an Asana task for each of our weekly meetings every Monday on our Asana staff project calendar.

I know we can create recurring tasks by setting a task to repeat and then it will generate the new one for the next week after we complete the old one. But what we want to do is to create separate meeting tasks for all Mondays in the entire year at one go instead of having to complete one task and let it generate the new one for the following week. Is there a way to do that quickly and not have to create each task for each week manually?

Hi @euniceau ,

Welcome to the forum! As of this moment, I don’t know of a great way to do what you’re looking for. Some workarounds are: duplicate a task a bunch of times or use a task template to recreate a task many times. Additionally, please vote on this request, which covers your ask:

Thanks for your response Stephen. I’ve just voted! Guess my team will just have to manually duplicate the task a few weeks at a time until such a feature is introduced.


I would suggest following:

  1. Create an excel file with desired task names and, some needed description etc. and due dates for each of desired day of the meeting;
  2. Then save it as CSV file
  3. Import it into Asana

This could be a workaround.

If CSV creating and importing is unfamiliar - New: Import Spreadsheets and CSV Files to Asana Projects

Or google how to import CSV into Asana if this link was not helpful.


Welcome, @euniceau,

I know it’s grunt work, but I think you could do this by making one weekly recurring task for the first Monday of the year, then mark it complete, and when the next one appears, do the same thing, and repeat 51 times! At the end of this (maybe it would take 5 or so minutes), mark all the completed tasks incomplete with multi-select.

Alternately, use this free third-party tool from @Bastien_Siebman:



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