Create daily repeating task for the whole month that display all at the same time

I need to create several daily tasks that repeat for the entire month, but I need them all to be visible at once so people can sign up to do them. A different person will volunteer to do the task each day.

Hello @Chris_Wheal1 welcome to the Asana Forum.

I would try to create monthly tasks for every day of month.

That does not work. Asana says the repeated task will only be created when the previous one is closed. I need to create them all in one go for the next month.

I meant that you should create 30 separate tasks for every day of the month.

In Wrike I could just create all in one go. I will have ten tasks a day. If I can create ten and duplicate them for a month that is more than 200 tasks created by creating ten. That cannot be done manually for each and every task. Is this really not a function in Asana?

I didn’t see this option. You can eventually use project/task template to automate it.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at that.

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I don’t think that does it. You cannot create multiple daily copies of the same task easily.

Is there a helpdesk where I can actually speak to someone?

I think the best way is to to prepare your monthly project template and then use it every month. Something like this:

I hope it helps.
@Bastien_Siebman do you have any better ideas?

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Asana does not, however Asana Solution Partner (like me) can play that role. Feel free to contact me privately.

@Charlie_Pilch I do have a solution, a tool actually. @Chris_Wheal1 My tool available here allows you to create “recurring tasks” but have them all visible.

Thanks. I will be in touch as soon as I can get over the internal hurdles. I’ll message you now.

And thanks @Charlie_Pilch for your help and for pointing me towards a solution. I very much appreciate it.

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