Copying a Task multiple times

I use ASANA to track monthly hours of different Project Managers throughout the year.
I have created a separate project and added the relevant custom fields I need. There is one function I wish was available, which copy task -multiple x.
I love that I can assign the same task to many people in one go, but if only I can assign the same task to the same person 7 times. That would be much easier, because then I get them to do the work of adjusting the custom fields appropriately, where as now, I have to create the tasks 7 times. Any thoughts on this option?

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@Rashad_Issa, thanks for your feedback! I’m interested in knowing more about the use case where you’d assign multiple copies of the same Task to the same person.

I can imagine the Task is the same action item that needs to be completed multiple times over a number of weeks, in which case I would create a recurring Task, effectively generating a new version of that Task with a new due date each time the “old” Task is created. Does that align with your workflow, or is there something additional that you’re looking for?

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Thanks @Sara for your response. That is true except the reoccurring task option for me is not creating a brand new task from scratch with a different due date, if I set to repeat every 2 weeks - unless I am doing it wrong.
So my example, is I want people to submit their total hours per month. I have a custom field for total hours and a custom field for the month it is due for. Those custom fields are part of a project I created. Then those tasks are added to each relevant project. If I am allowed to copy the same task several times, then I will attach it to the relevant projects and copy it 12 times. Makes sense?

@Rashad_Issa, recurring Tasks will auto-generate a new Task, with new due date, upon completion of the previous Task. For example, if I have a “check-in” Task with my boss due on Wednesdays, a new Task, due next Wednesday, will be created when I complete the Task due this Wednesday. Have you tried setting the due dates as recurring before? More information in the Guide here.

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I found this thread while Google searching for the same functionality. In my case, I have a template that I use to onboard product and typically, I will get anywhere to 20-70 products in a launch so I am copying my template 20-70 times. If I was able to copy it and say, “I need 53 copies of this” That would be much easier than manually copying the template 53 times.

My current workaround is to have a template that contains 70 copies and I copy THAT but then I wind up having to delete potentially 50 copies and I then have them as subtasks that have to be moved out a level rather than top-level tasks off the get-go.