Copying tasks multiple times using Assign Copies



My team size is 10-15 and I would like to assign a task to each one of them separately, currently I have to copy this task manually for each one of them. Is there anyway I can copy the task multiple times and then I can assign it manually.


Hi @Bashar_Khdair,

Does this info help you?


Thanks Ryan, I need to know how to copy a task multiple times.


Hi @Bashar_Khdair,
If the assignment to multiple people functionality from the article I linked doesn’t work for you, the only other option is to re-copy the single task and create each new task one at a time. If you’re looking for a paste functionality that’ll just keep making new tasks based on the last copy you made, there’s nothing like that.

It’s always possible too that if you talked a bit about your use case, I or others might have other suggestions.

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Hi @RyanE,

Thanks for your reply, well that’s what I am currently doing is copying the task multiple, however this is a time consuming especially doing it for 15+ team members and growing, what if you need to create tasks for 200+ members, there is currently no efficient way of doing this :confused:

I believe this is an important feature should be added.



So have you tried the multi-assign stuff from the article? I’ll do an example here because what you’ve said makes me feel like it should work for you. My team’s not very big and we don’t tend to have duplicated tasks too often, but when we do it’s nice.

Basically you start with a task, whether a new one or one that’s been copied. Once you have the task that you want everyone on your team to work on, you click in the assignment field and then the icon of the two people in the right-hand side of the field:

Then you type in your team’s name:

It’ll confirm how many people will get it:

This’ll happen:

And you end up with this:

I’m never sure why the one empty one remains, but I typically just delete it.

Now I need to go get rid of all these tests before my team notices :slight_smile:

You can also type in individual people if you don’t want the full team, but even that still saves a ton of time.

Hope that helps, if not, more details of what isn’t working might help me come up with something else.


Thank you very much Ryan, that’s what I was referring to, now it’s solved! :slight_smile:

Many thanks again!!