💡 Create teams just to use assign task duplicates

Do you know the « Assign duplicate tasks » feature in Asana? It is actually available in the task pane (not in quick add mode) when clicking on the assignee button. It allows you to assign duplicates (duh) to different people.

What you probably don’t know is that you can type a Team name in that field and that will assign duplicates to each team members.

So here’s today’s trick: create Asana Teams matching « real » teams at the company, so that you can assign duplicates by typing « Floor 2 », « London office » or « Marketing » even though there is no need for such a team in Asana.

PS: that will clutter Asana though, so maybe this is a bad advice? :thinking: hmmm not sure, I’ll think about it :grin:

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Ahh, like an email distribution list! Interesting. I think the idea has its uses; although as you say, it can potentially lead to a clutter of team lists in the left-hand nav panel.



I never use the side nav anymore and only use the search so I am fine :slight_smile:

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I agree, @Bastien_Siebman, but in some moderation to avoid too many Teams.

But if you need it for assign duplicates, perhaps the Team Conversations feature is of some value too in some cases.

I also like the use of Subtasks for the assign duplicates, with single-sourcing of the main task as the parent, so if details change, there’s only one place to change it.

I’ve written more about all this earlier here:



Great tip, @Bastien_Siebman! This option is very useful when you need each team member to take an action, for example, complete a mandatory certification/course. If you need to make an announcement, I’d recommend sending a Message to the team as @lpb mentioned! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I am having trouble finding this feature. I see “duplicate task” but I don’t see the option to type in team names. Can you provide directions on how to utilize this feature? Thanks!

In a task’s detail pane, click in the Assignee field, then in the resulting dialog, click “Assign duplicate tasks”:


Then when you start typing, Asana will let you select either a user name or a team; for example:


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Thank you! Is it a premium feature? I have the business plan, so I’m wondering if maybe I don’t have that functionality. I appreciate your response and the instructions!

Hi @Melissa_Jerome,

Well, first off, Business is above Premium in subscription levels, so you have everything that Premium has and then some.

Second, no, this feature isn’t limited to only certain subscription levels; AFAIK there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it.

If you can post a screenshot of where your UI differs from what I described and showed above, we can probably figure out what’s up.

See attached.

Hi @Melissa_Jerome,

You’re barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. :wink:

You don’t want that menu. Instead, click where it says “Andre Gamboa” and you should see what’s illustrated in my first screenshot above.


Thank you!!!


Love this trick @Bastien_Siebman and the detailed explanation on the assign duplicates feature @Phil_Seeman! I dont find myself using the assign duplicates feature all the often but when I do it is a MAJOR time saver.