Assign multiple assignees on one task

@Mathieu_Urstein , In case it might help until a better solution is implemented for “All of them need to have this into their calendar and the task should display easily the fact that those team members should attend the meeting”

were you aware of:

. . . and scroll down to Assign duplicate tasks.

This works for subtasks too, as you requested (the example shows tasks), so if you make a meeting subtask as you described in your last post and you give that a recurring due date to reflect the meeting dates, then descend into it, you can use Assign Copies there to create multiple subtasks in one fell swoop–you can either assign to a whole Team at once by Team Name or multiple individuals. All subtasks (siblings to this subtask actually) get created for you at once. It’s true that you now have duplicate info, so if the meeting date/time changes you have to deal with that. It might be quickest, then, to delete all those and regenerate a new set, which would properly trigger a notification to all of the change.

This is not offered as a solution, just a workaround, but it seems like the easiest workaround and much faster and less error-prone than other current alternatives.