Track completion of employees visits for a specific task

Hi there, I was searching the web, but only found old entries stating this feature is not existing.
So here´s the question again: I´ve added a task that is visible for all employees in order to make them aware about safety plan in the office. I want everyone to check in there, read and acknowledge they´ve read the content by…whatever…just to make sure, they are aware and state to have read the content. Is there a feature that supports that?

Hi @Tina_Fellinger, welcome to the Community Forum.

Great question! We currently don’t have a feature that measure who view the task or conversation. But I hope the following workaround can help you achieve what you need:

  • Assigning copies: By doing this, users will be able to mark their task as complete and you’ll be notified and see who read it.
  • Requesting to your colleagues to acknowledge by commenting or liking the task/conversation.

I hope this helps!

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If using the Assign Copies approach I like to just have one parent task (for the safety plan info) and group all the employee checkoffs as subtasks of that parent to eliminate the clutter of multiple top-level tasks. You can still use Assign Copies for this as described here:


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