Seeking Solution for Task Visibility Challenge

I oversee a team handling multiple projects, each consisting of five sections. Tasks transition between sections, with reassignment to different team members based on the current section’s completion. When a task reaches the final section and is marked as completed, only the most recent assignee can see it and reflect on his completed task page. However, there’s no visibility into the progress made by prior assignees. How can I resolve this issue?

Welcome, @AlbertPinto,

Are you sure these updates are not reflected in the audit trail stories at the bottom of the task detail pane? You may need to change a dropdown from Comment to Activity to see these, and they’re in fine print and sometimes compressed and you need to click a link to expand them. Also, when multiple actions happen within a short period, only the latest update is tracked.

If you need more specific detail, you could make your workflow steps be subtasks within each of these main tasks, and use assignee and due date of each subtask for your details. Or require comments when progress happens.

Hope that helps,


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