Managing a task with several subtasks and different team members


What is the best way to create a task that contains several subtasks, by taking into consideration that each assignee will complete his work depending on the last subtask result?

So, for now, each assignee has to see the last subtask and see what his colleague have done and then continue and update his subtask, at the same time any comment or edit through all the task and the subtasks will send a notification to all the assignees in the task which is very confusing.

And that way doesn’t provide the team manager to see what each team member have to do or have done.

Hope my point is clear.

Any suggestions ?

Do you have the premium or free version. The premium version has “Waiting On” status as well as Advanced Search capabilities on the status of precedent and dependent tasks.

Yes, we have the premium version.
So you mean to have the main task as a section and the subtasks as Tasks and make them a precedent and dependent tasks?

One small qualifier, Sections certainly can be a description of a main task but in itself shouldn’t be executable. I assume all the tasks below it will be the executable workflow.

I agree with @James_Carl, dependencies sounds like the best feature to help deal with this situation.

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