Read Receipt or Notification when a Teammate has seen their Task, a Conversation, or a Comment

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Asana is almost perfect, but with a few additions, it could truly be the one-stop shop for project management. And one of the ways in where it is lacking is knowing if a team member has logged into Asana and seen their tasks, a comment, or a conversation.

This feature is available in messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and iMessage Read Receipts. Having tiny bubble icons underneath a message, with the possibility for a rollover popup to say the date and time that it was read, would be perfect!!

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I agree with a read receipts emoji or icon, would be really handy with our insurance forms for our advisers. Thank you Asana

It would be fantastic to have the ability to know who has seen a task. Knowing that an employee has seen the assigned task alleviates the curiosity on managements end. Also if our employees are aware that we know they have seen their assigned tasks, it can increase all around urgency and efficiency. It is a feature I have seen on other project management platforms and think it would be very well received on Asana’s platform.

Thank you @JP_Bisilliat for bringing this up. I too have been curious on what others are doing for a workaround. From a manager perspective I can see how important the reporting function would be. Could a sub-task help with with this scenario?

I currently require my team to “like” a task when they first see it… of course that leaves it up to them to decide when it is “seen” . It would be easier to have something along the lines of a read receipt just like when sending an iMessage.

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We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merge your posts with it to consolidate feedback in one thread. I hope that’s OK!

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I agree with you guys.
Such feature would be great for an audit purpose for example, as sometimes is difficult to know if a colleague has read some task.
This feature could be like that one used on whatsapp!

Hey Natalia! Thanks for keeping track of the comments or posts. But I posted this feedback about 2 years ago, and it seems to still be a feature that Asana lacks. Do you have any idea if this is coming soon, or…?

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional information to share on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!

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Just to add that I also had this thought - it would be great to have a more general indication of who has viewed a task (not just the task owner) and when. Having said that, it might be good to have an icon by the “assigned to” field to show that the assignee has seen it as well as that’s most likely the important one.

Whilst my head is in this frame of mind - read receipts for comments too, would be great! Sometimes I comment on a task and have no real way to know if the comment has been seen by my team members.