Read Receipt or Notification when a Teammate has seen their Task, a Conversation, or a Comment

Hi @Jonathan_McKinstry, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something we can see out Product team implement in the future :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing one for the same request to consolidate feedback, I hope you don’t mind!

I’ll keep you updated in the main thread :slight_smile:

Asana has worked great distributing tasks around our office and ensuring they get done. After about 2 months of use I noticed a few easy things that could be added which would improve the functionality of the application.

  1. Addition of Due Dates/ Past Due tasks. I often assign a task to a worker of mine and will assign a due date on the material to ensure they get the work done. It would be a great function for both the assignee and assignor to get a notification if the task wasn’t completed or is near due date. We often have tasks that push past their due dates without either party getting a notification.

  2. Tasks read receipt. It would also be a great addition to enable a read receipt for the assignor that creates a task for the assignee. We often get the excuse that the task was not completed because the assignee didn’t see they were assigned a task. The feature would be similar to how read receipts work on any email service.

Thank you for your time,
Paul Ventura Jr.
State-wide HVAC

I agree with you Paul. I too would see a benefit from these features being added into Asana.

totally needs a read receipt. I assign a project and just wish and hope that the person I assign it to sees it… all you have to do is make a little avatar icon show on read messages / tasks like every other major messaging platform does these days.

Adding my vote for read receipts!

This would be super helpful.
Especially to manage deadlines, efficiency, ensure each team member is getting the work done as supposed too.
Would be really helpful

Hey Paul, depending what subscription you have, you can set asana rules that will notify you when a due date is approaching.
also, you can set rules when a project goes overdue; and you can do multiple rules, where it can notify, 1 day overdue, 2,3,4 etc days overdue
attaching a pic if it helps