Unread messages icon on task in project

Add an icon for unread message on project task. Otherwise can’t tell which task was updated with a new message without checking inbox.

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It’s an interesting idea :bulb:, though I personally think that mixing what Inbox does with what the Task List does might be a risky/confusing game, but just my personal opinion.

You can consider instead activating the metadata field to get an overview of when the task was last modified by activating the “Last Modified On” - check out this post by @Rashad_Issa for more info


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Thanks @Rosario_Messina
@Brandt_Cloyd I agree with the suggestion to activate the meta fields. It becomes much neater.

This is such a no brainer. If you have 34 projects, it is a time waster to keep having to check every single one just to know if you have a message waiting for you. Ofcourse we need something that indicates there are new messages or even the number of new messages. Or even like an email, where it the project is bolded until the new messages are clicked into. Teams has this, why can’t asana. There are several archaic things like this that would make such a big difference in streamlining and organizing the little but very important things around communicating!!!

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Many of us Asana consultants believe regular use of the Asana Inbox is impossible to do without. It sounds like maybe you’re not using it, so I’d encourage you to try, and then see if you feel it’s so important to have the feature requested here still; many of us don’t agree that it’s needed.

Not trying to deny your or anyone’s opinions, just asking if you’d consider trying Asana Inbox if you hadn’t already.



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