Notification about new update in the task on the Task List [Question]

Sometimes I manage multiple tasks and miss the notification in the inbox. Is there a way, when I look at the list of my tasks, to see that there is an update in the task. For example, a dot next to the task or a task to be in bold when there is something new to see.
My company account has asana Premium.

At the moment you can’t. One way to not “miss” anything in the inbox: archive anything you’ve read and aim for Inbox zero.

Welcome, @Bart_Brasse,

If you’re not doing it already, make sure to toggle “Expand” on which may help you a bit:



In addition to the above best practices of using the Inbox, you could also enable the ‘Last modified on’ field in your My tasks and sort by that.

But note that any changes, apart from comments being posted, such as change to assignee, due date, custom field values, task completed status, subtasks added, description changed, pretty much anything really, will update the last modified date field to when they last occurred.

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