Asana to notify if task hasn't been looked at?

Is there a way to have Asana notify you if a task hasn’t been opened or looked at in a specified time period?

Hi @anon77385888 , welcome to the forum :smiley:

To answer your question, no, there isn’t something like that, but the closest thing I can think of is simply enabling the ‘Last modified on’ field (from the Customize menu panel) to display in your list view. This will show the last time someone changed something within that task; but NOT if the task details pane has been looked at.


Additionally it depends on the workflow. If it is ongoing process style, you could use a rule to say that when it comes into the first section of the project (for instance backlog) the due date is auto set for x days and then when it is x days out it sends you a notification that it is still in the same section

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I can’t find that in mine but I probably just have to search more, but this is as close as what I want so thanks :slight_smile: and thanks for the welcome ;D

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I might have to figure out how to set that up because that also sounds like a good suggestion :smiley:

Let me know if you have any issues finding it. What tier are you on ?

I would love to know how you set the due date and then the reminder notification if that task is not completed on that date.

Hi @anon26888807 it is using the rule- so you would set the task due date in the due date custom field then use a rule to say that TRIGGER: Task is overdue, ACTION: adds a comment with the assignee or manager tagged to say this task is overdue