Due Date Notifications for task that are overdue

It would help a lot if there was an option to enable email notifications for tasks that reached a due date.

Hi @Max_Entin,

A tasks reaching a due date is indeed one of the triggers for e-mail notifications: https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana

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Where can I turn them on? Because right now I don’t receive these via email. I do receive other Asana email notifications though (when people post task updates for example).

HI @Max_Entin, here is how you can enable Reminders email notifications (refer to the “Email Notification Settings” section and make sure “reminders” are checked): https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana#gl-reminders

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ah I see what the problem is. Only the person who the task is assigned to gets the email. Any way to enable that for collaborators?


Not at the moment, but I would suggest adding your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category!

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I find this feature very important, since right now, as a team leader I cannot track success of tasks and I am not alarmed when a task reached or is close to reach due date. The only way is to check task by task manually.


@Boban_Stojanovic, I have the same problem. Please like my post here More options for Email Notifications about it. Or post a similar request. Hopefully they will notice and do something about it.


Is an alert sent in Asana to members when due date not met?

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Hi @Gary_Held!

Great question, we actually have a thread on this topic so I’ve merged your post with this main topic.

You will find the answer to your question in this reply: Due Date Notifications

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I have something that might help!

I was running into a related problem. If you assign a task to someone and they do not pick it up (so they do not complete it or comment in it) it kind of also disappears from your own workflow, So if I’m not updated, so I’ll possibly forget about it, while it is important.

Solution: What I’ve done is create a private project called ‘Anne Nynke waiting for’. Any time I assign a task to someone that I want to keep an eye on, or push from time to time, I add it to this project. You can also sort them by due date. Just make sure you check in with this waiting for project regularly. For me it’s part of my weekly GTD review to check my 'waiting for’s.

(I first used an ‘AN waiting for’ tag, but tags cannot be made private. Too many tags or linked projects take up too much space in a task line, therefore I started using a private project)


Hello community,

Is there a way to trigger a zap or message when a due date is missed. As in, the task is not marked as complete by the specified due date.

I use moxtra and am hoping to trigger a message if a due date is missed for accountability.

Any workarounds would be great.



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Is there anyway to enable notifications by due dates?

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Is there a way to set an email reminder/warning when a task is coming due in, say, a week?

Hi @Claire_Laporte, welcome to the Forum! At this time, it is not possible to set a reminder with specific timeframes before the tasks due dates, however, Asana sends out a daily update on what you need to focus on in Asana that day. This email will include two sections:

Tasks Due Soon = tasks that are due within the next 5 days.
Tasks Recently Assigned = This section will display tasks that were recently assigned to you, regardless of whether the task has a due date or not.

If you don’t have this option turned on, please follow the steps here to have it enabled.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello, is there any way in the close future that we will be able to have the notification in a specific day and time?

I really Hope that feature can be added to Asana, I would be very useful


Welcome to the Forum @Nathalie_Machado :wave: and thank you for reaching out!

If you have your email notifications turned on (You can click here for more information) you will receive a daily update email that notifies of tasks that are due within the next 5 days. Please note that you will receive this notification about task that are assign to you.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

I got that part already. Is the same response that your per are giving us. What we are asking is when we will have the option to get the notification before or on the due day.