“Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue" E-Mail triggers

Hi, is it possible to get an email notification from Asana when I have a task that is upcoming in a day or when a task is overdue? It would be great if Task XYZ in a project is overdue, it sends me an email saying Task XYZ is overdue…this would alert me vs having to go into Asana and check all the time. I know there is a daily email task reminder, but I would like to get more specific than that.

Hi @James_Zietsma

What you can do is leverage these two new triggers to add a comment to tasks with a due date approaching or overdue. New comments on tasks you’re following will automatically trigger an email notification providing your email notifications are set correctly. More info on notifications in this guide article: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps!

Hi there, no that does not work actually…I have tried that (I opened up a support ticket with Asana). This was the answer from Support “I believe since you created the Rule the system recognizes it as you making the comment which is why you don’t receive the email notifications for it and just the Asana Inbox notification” - So i guess if I make a comment on one of my tasks, I dont not get an email notification, which seems quite restrictive to be honest. And yes, my email notifications are all on and active

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Hey James, I believe this could be achieved through some custom Python code in combination with Asana’s API. I’ve implemented similar things in the past and would be happy to take a look at your project to see what’s possible.

Hi @James_Zietsma,

FYI this can easily be accomplished via a Flowsana rule of “When a task is past due (or whatever date condition you want), send an email notification to the task’s assignee”.