Automatic Reminder for Overdue Tasks



Hi all - was wondering if anyone had a workaround for creating auto-reminders for Team Members that have an overdue task.

User case: Team Member has not clicked Complete on a task and therefore it is overdue. I want them to get an automatic notification that this task is past its due date - instead of me having to do it :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated!


Hi @Jessica_Birenz! Are your team members using My Tasks? When a task is overdue the date appears in red at the top of their My Tasks list. This acts as a notification that the task is overdue. I suggest that if your team isn’t already in a habit of using My Tasks, they begin doing so. My Tasks lets us see all our work in one easy place :slight_smile:


I’d like to second this suggestion. In an ideal world, everyone would check their “My tasks” routinely as Alexis suggestions. But, two things:

  1. We have guest users who own tasks but are only casual Asana users. I’d like them to be reminded via email and directed back to Asana.
  2. If you have your “My Tasks” sorted by “None” (as I do) rather than “Due Date”, your overdue tasks do not appear at the top of the list unless they are flagged to be worked on “Today”. I have to do a check every so often to re-sort my tasks by Due Date to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks, but not everyone on the team is as diligent. I prefer “None” as my default view so that I can re-organize my daily tasks in priority order, which is not possible when sorted by Due Date.

In the meantime, we have written a simple Python script to extract overdue scripts and email the list to the owner. The downside (aside from the additional time to write and maintain the script) is that it runs under my user account so only notifies people on projects I’m also on, and doesn’t “see” tasks they haven’t tagged to a project.

Anything that can help keep casual users on task (and avoiding my clunky Python workaround) would be greatly appreciated!



cc @paulminors for his advice :slight_smile:


Hm, I tried to see if you could automate something with Zapier, but I don’t think this would be possible.

My only other thoughts are to create a report, but I suspect people wouldn’t check this either.

Or you could set up a daily task to repeat reminding people to check for overdue tasks.


I’ll +1 the reminders for overdue tasks. I’d even go as far as wanting a daily email reminder for this.


+1 I also need email reminders for this.


+1. Also this should be converted to a feature request so we can have the Vote button instead of +1-ing.


Done, @Jacob_Dick. Vote away!