Assigning tasks and their chasing emails

Hi all, I’m rather new to Asana and am finding it rather odd. It seems that once I have assigned tasks to people they are sent a reminder daily about completing them. However, once the due date of the task is reached, if they have not completed the task they are no longer sent a reminder email each day, and I am not informed they have missed the deadline, I actually have to go through the project task by task to check. Am I missing something, or have I set it up wrong or something? Thanks!

Hi @Tim_Ford,

Currently, daily summary notifications remind you of upcoming and tasks due today, but they do not include overdue tasks. Instead of relying simply on email notification, we would recommend you to advise your team to check their My Tasks on a daily basis to ensure they re-schedule or complete any over due tasks. At this time, it is not possible to manage My Tasks via email, so the best way to avoid this situation is to log into Asana and check out My Tasks regularly!

Thank you, glad that it wasn’t me just missing something. It’s a pity that task management via email/without logging into Asana is not possible, our organisation is looking for a system (hence this is a useful pilot) but that feature is definitely an essential requirement for us.