How can I automatically be reminded about past due dates?

There are some very old threads about this (starting in 2017) and I’ve been through them all, but with no luck.

Is this still not a feature on Asana? It’s a pretty basic requirement for project management, I’d say!

To be clear, I am looking for a way to:

  • Receive an email, push notification or smoke signal with a list of overdue tasks that need to be tackled
  • Have Asana help me in pestering my team to complete their tasks, especially when they’re overdue.

I know that going to My Tasks and sorting by due date will have all the red dates listed until they’re ticked off, but my team does not live within Asana like I do, so they don’t see that list regularly.

Any help is greatly appreciated - whether it’s an Asana feature I’ve missed or an integration / extension / workaround I could try.

Thank you guys!

Hi @Teri1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

When a task is reaching a due date, you will receive a notification to make sure it’s completed on time. You can enable email notifications or notifications for Tasks due today.

You can also have a look at this post with a workaround using Flowsana. cc @Phil_Seeman

Lastly, I recommend you to upvote for this feature in this thread Due Date Notifications for task that are overdue. We will make sure to update the main thread once we have any plans to implement this feature in Asana.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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