Overdue Task Notification

I am not receiving email notifications of tasks that are past due. I do receive for one of my tasks, but there are many others that I do not. Also, is there a way to receive notifications on my ios app of overdue tasks?
Thank you!

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Only the Task assignee will receive notifications related to Task due date.

If you want to keep a closer eye on additional Tasks, you can create a customer report and check it on a a regular basis.

Hi Vince. I am currently using Asana as a single user and thus no need to assign tasks. Is there anyway to default the assignee to me on all tasks so I have one less step when making entries?

No, that isn’t an option in Asana.

Some options.

  • Use the Tab-M shortcut, which will assigns a Task to yourself.
  • Develop your own tool using the Asana API.
  • Use Flowsana to automatically assign new Tasks for you.
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I trust I am not the first to ask this question: Can Asana be configured to notify me if I have a project completion date that is soon forthcoming AND/OR if I am already delinquent on a project completion date with daily reminders?

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Asana doesn’t support this natively, but you could use an Asana integration like Mesh to create a periodic report that lists overdue tasks and sends them to your email (or to Slack). You can filter the tasks by assignee, project, section, etc. To try this, you could sign up for a free Mesh account, then click “New report”, choose “Asana”, then choose “Tasks”, and set the appropriate filters.

@Gary_Held also asked about notifications of upcoming due dates. Mesh can also be used to create a report that lists tasks that are due in the next 3 days, or the next 7 days, etc. You could use the same steps as mentioned above to do this.