Notifications for upcoming due tasks

How do I set up notifications (email or iPhone) to alert me of upcoming due tasks?

Hi @N0_N0, thanks for reaching out! You can enable Daily Summary email notifications following these steps or if you wish to receive push notifications on your iPhone you can also enable them in your Asana app following these steps. Please note it’s currently not possible to get push notifications when a task is close to it’s due date.

I hope this helps! but let me know if you have any other questions!

I set it up yesterday to receive a daily email, and have not received one. Also, shouldn’t that daily email include upcoming due dates?

Hi @N0_N0, do you have your notifications settings turned on through your phone for Asana?
Within your phone, under Settings > Notifications > Asana, you should have the button to turn on notifications.
Within Settings > Asana > Notifications > there is another Notifications sliding button.
If you do either of these, it will turn on/turn off the other, as they end up connected to the same place. Photo attached of the second method.

This doesnt help with what i am needing. I have subtasks that are overdue and never got notified (via email or anywhere else).

Why are they not getting listed under tasks either? I dont even see any way to track these. The only way i can see if im overdue is if i go way deep into the subtasks, but only if i remember they are there. What i need is to be notified so i dont have to remember everything. If i cant use this to track due dates, it’s significantly less useful.

Please advise on the best way to resolve this.