How do I get Asana to send me an email alert when a task is coming due?

I only use Asana for myself to manage my own projects. Time was, I’d have a task that I assigned to myself with a due date and time that, when it got closer, Asana would email me a reminder. But this notification system hasn’t worked with my account in a LONG time. How can I fix this problem?

Note: I have checked my spam filter and no Asana notification emails ever appear there.

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Hey @brian.johnson, welcome back,

I can’t think of a way to have Asana send you an email with just that information but I can get you close; you can enable Daily Summaries by clicking on your profile picture which will bring you to My Profile Settings, go to the Notifications bar, scroll down (assure that it is the correct email in the Email Notifications field) and then click the Daily Summaries box.
This will give you updates on tasks assigned to you within the last 24 hours as well as a nice reminder about any tasks coming due.

I hope this helps,



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