Reminder Alert Before Due Date

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I have noticed there is no feature that allows you or a team member to receive an alert prior to the due date of a task. This would be incredibly helpful so all members can be reminded that something needs to be done in x amount of time before time of actual completion. It allows a good forewarning so we can be properly prepared and gently reminded.

We need to keep the due date as is because of our integration with using InstaGannt so our charts and timelines are not inaccurate.


Hi Austin! Thank you for this feedback, we’ll keep it in mind.

In the meantime, are you aware of how tasks move up in My Tasks based on their due date? When you visit your My Tasks, you’ll see the dates for tasks assigned to you turn green when they’re due today or tomorrow, black when they’re due three or more days from now, and red when they’re overdue. Hope this helps!

Here’s an example in my task list:

Hey Alexis!

Thank you so much for your response and it is very helpful plus appreciated. I was aware of how the color of the date changes relating to how many days it is due in and find it is an important feature.

However, in regards to our specific organization and requirements from our PM platform, we are a small family office who deals in large commercial real estate projects. There are only a few of us who really use and utilize Asana with our other members being the President, CEO etc. of our company. They like to pop on and check the status of where things are at and how they are progressing vs. creating tasks and managing boards themselves. I am the main coordinator for ensuring no task gets missed or is completed late. Some tasks are not assigned to me, even though I am a collaborator of all. This reminds me who is specifically responsible for completing the task. I have contacted Asana support about having more than one Assignee and Asana’s answer to that is "The answer is, you can’t. Having only one assignee per task ensures that there’s never a sense of “who’s responsible for completing this task?”. I understand there is the added feature in Premium of “waiting on others” which is fantastic.

My main challenge is there are some tasks with a responsible party (President or CEO) who doesn’t frequently use Asana that may have a task on their board that I unable to the color change as it progresses closer to being due. It would be INCREDIBLY helpful if I was somehow able to set an alert to myself 3 days prior to due date to follow up and confirm it’s completion in a timely fashion.

Thank you so much for your time Alexis.

We are huge lovers of Asana and hope it can remain to satisfy all of our needs as we grow our project basis.


Hi @Austin_Schmidt! Thanks for providing so much detail. This helps me cater my recommendations to your needs.

It sounds like you’d really benefit from Asana’s reporting tools [<-- see link], specifically a mix of Dashboards and Advanced Search. First, you can view the high level progress of your team’s work and their various projects by creating a unique dashboard for yourself. See how to set up My Dashboard here. If you’d like to know what specific people on your team are working on, I recommend you create advanced search views and save them so you can reference them from your sidebar. For example, if you’d like to know what tasks the CEO and President have coming up in the next 3 days, you could create an advanced search for tasks assigned to them that are due within the next 3 days:

I recommend that you save the search result by clicking the star at the top left of the search results, which will keep the search in your sidebar. Then, you can rename the saved search so it’s easier to access in your sidebar. This search won’t give you special alerts, but you’ll certainly be able to keep track of upcoming tasks if you make a habit of visiting the saved search on a regular basis.

I’m just looking for the same function! Some of my tasks take me a few days to finish, so it would be really important for me to set an earlier reminder so as not to rush the deadline.



I don’t understand how you can create a task management tool without a reminder feature?! I am not using Asana anymore and I’m shifting to Reminders app on MAC. Which is a dreadful experience too.

This doesn’t make sense to me.


Agreed! Please look into this. A reminder tool is SO VERY necessary!


But here - Email notifications from Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide - I found the information about remonder “one day before task’s due date”.
So is it true? And how it works? I would like to get an email the day before task due date.

I completely agree that this is a necessary task for our grant project workflows. For example, I am a project manager on several grants who needs to coordinate the creation, drafts, and final submission of deliverables for grant reporting. This happens at various times during the year for each project, but it’s not enough times that it makes sense to add running reports to my weekly or daily workflow. If all members assigned to a task receive an email alert to begin working on a grant deliverable three months before its due, it saves me and them multiple steps as well as helps ensure piece of mind.


I agree 100% that without a simple reminder tool this program is not very helpful for me. Though my company uses it for group projects, I just use Google calendar for my own stuff because I need flexible reminders.


+1 Agreed. We need reminders when something is overdue. This is also for the stakeholder who may not be assigned any tasks but needs to know which items are late and why.


Do you integrate Asana with a Calendar app like Google Calendar or Outlook? If so, you can simply create reminders to your flexibility within the calendar app. Although still would be nice to have this direct within Asana.

Would also be great to be able to have a trigger for apps like Zapier so you could configure a Due Date reminder to slack or other Apps.


I also vote for more reminders! having a visual cue in the product is good, but I need to be pestered in order to get things done.

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Really need this feature!! Any progress?


Also super critical for us. I need to be able to follow up if I see something isn’t moving forward and this would help with that. I see there’s been interest in this feature for over 3 years. Any update here?

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I’d also like to see this done. Every task should have the option to set a specific reminder date/time separate to due date.

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FYI, using the new date rules feature of my Flowsana integration, it’s now possible to have email reminders sent, or custom fields, tags, etc. set on tasks, based on a due date - for example, when the task is due in 3 months, when it’s 5 days past due, etc.

Hey everyone! I’ve been experiencing a lack of “due date” push-notifications functionality as well for a long time, so I decided to solve that problem and finally developed a Chrome extension for that! Please, try it out, and if you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out by my facebook

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That’s exactly what I am doing. Asana has solved a lot of problems but couldn’t cover this tiny gap.