Alerts at a set time



Dear, I can not get asana to notify me by an alert / notification when it arrives to the “due date”. For example, there is a task in which I select the “due date” for today at 09: 00hs and when that time arrives nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?



There are no notifications at the due time, there is already a post on that topic, see the following link:



What a pity. Thanks.


Hi there Bernabe

Julien is absolutely right, unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment.

To be honest, this is something we’re super aware of. While it is on our radar, we’re unable to speak to specific timelines. If you’d like to know more about how we engage with feature requests in the Community, take a look at this post


I’m still confused as to why the notifications are taking so long to implement. Especially when they have worked in the past.

I’ve had to essentially abandon Asana and move to a paid version of Todoist to make my workflow work for me. And it killed me to do so. I love Asana’s look, usability, sub-tasks, comments – and yet, no ability to remind me that a project is due when I’ve set a due date/time. Like many people, I’m drowning in email. I would like a notification that keeps me out of my email so that I don’t get waylaid by the other email messages waiting for me.

Please consider this yet another nudge to get the notifications working - especially for push notifications on mobile devices. I think your users would appreciate them very much.


+1 would love this as a feature!

    1. I do not understand how a task based project platform doesn’t have alerts.


+1! also looking for this function.


Is this still not a thing?! All i want is to be able to set notifications on tasks… seems real simple for a task management app…


Hi again @Bernabe_Nolasco_Arru, @AmyHampton, @Andrew_Cumms, @lp1, @PCoughlin
& @Delainy_Kennedy,

I think this post would be best served if we moved it over to the #productfeedback category. This way your request can gain the maximum visibility needed for our developers to view. Also, this would our fellow community members to see & vote upon.

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I just discovered if there is a time for your project you can import it to your google calendar and set up alerts through google on your phone or whatnot. This has been my solution for this preference. Hope that helps someone.


This feature is very important to me. I really need Asana to be my singular source for Tasks as well as projects. This feature would make this a viable option. Without it, not so much. If I have to continue to use Toodledo / 2Do etc. as my own task list it dramatically reduces the effectiveness and potential need for Asana.