Inbox - Disable notifications for tasks due today


Each day when I open my Asana inbox, it is generally full of notifications of tasks that are due today. These are also in my ‘today’ list, and so it would be very helpful if users could customise which items appear in their inbox, much like you can customise which Facebook activity you get emails and notifications about. I am imagining a sub-menu hidden deep in preferences where I could just untick a “what appears in your inbox” box that says “due today”.

How do I get rid of the 'Due today' messages in my inbox?
I'd love to be able to turn off "You have a task due today" notifications in My Inbox
Control the Inbox
How do I get rid of the 'Due today' messages in my inbox?

Yes! Asana started doing this to me last week (never seen it before in 2 years of using Asana.) Is there some way to turn it off again?


Hell yes :slight_smile:


Yes please!!!


Pleeeaassseee let us turn this off. It`s very annoying.


Hi there! Totally in love with Asana, can’t get enough of fun color-coding and dragging and dropping and celebratory unicorn comets. So thanks so much for all that!

One minor annoyance is being notified when I have a task due that day–yeah, I know, I can see that on the My Tasks list??! Would just appreciate the ability to choose what I want to appear in my inbox. Thanks!!


Please do this.


Must have feature. Honestly its getting on my nerves.


Yes please make it possibly to stop task reminders going to the Asana Inbox.
It clutters my Inbox to the point of making it useless.
I can see the task due dates perfectly well in the task list so do not need them duplicated in the Inbox.


I voted this up, but also want to add my voice to this. By the time I get to my inbox, I know I have new tasks that day and what they are. The inbox notification for this is redundant and takes time to archive those messages out. Really appreciated the feedback from @Alexis about reducing the number of tasks I follow. That really helped, but the inbox still needs some work to be really useful (to me).


Oops! That was @Kaitie 's suggestion. Thanks!


“You have a task due Today” is such a terrible experience for super users. Needs to be configurable on/off


Yes please—more customization in general. Communication is a vital part of business/workflow/process but can become complex very quickly. Having more customization built into Asana allows users to simplify their communication and how they work. :+1:t3:


I often can have anywhere from 20 to 100 tasks a day. My inbox is virtually useless with that many due today tasks. My workflow has become less efficient and the information is redundant being it’s already in My Tasks. So much to the point where I’ll begin to look at other platforms out there if there’s no resolution soon.


Same. Daily maintenance of the “You have a task due Today” notifications absolutely sucks. We definitely need to shut off this notification.


Yes disable that option, one thing is the due tasks, which you check on Tasks and another it’s notifications. I am the CEO of the organization and I get notified regarding almost everything, If apart I have to add in the Inbox the sick amount of tasks that I have to do everyday… It’s really really disturbing.

So please, either disable or put something so we can disable it If we feel like.

Thanks a lot!


No word from the Asana Team on this yet? @Alexis


Hi @Neyl - for information on how we engage with requests in the Community, please take a look at the following post. Thanks!


Hi Alexis, I understand. But this “You have a task due Today” notifications
didn’t show up to me before and it’s very annoying, like a bug. Several
users are complaining the same issue, they didn’t had this and suddenly it
appeared out of nowhere. For Asana it may feel like an upgrade, but for
many of us feels much more like a bug.


Thanks so much for this input, Neyl.