Push Notifications at 'Due Time'

I think I’m still at a bit of a loss as to why ‘due time’ exists as data to populate if it doesn’t prompt an action.

I.E., tasks with a ‘date due’ show up in your inbox on, well, the day it’s due. Tasks with ‘recurring’ due dates show up, again, when the recurrence occurs (or some better way to phrase that) but a ‘due time’ doesn’t seem to invoke any kind of reminder/behavior.

Ideally, that ‘due time’ would move the task into your inbox.

Specifically, though, I think the most useful behavior would be for the task — when the current time matches the ‘due time’ — to be represented by a push notification.

This is still the one reason I hold onto Wunderlist. For critical tasks that need my attention at a specific time, I just create the ask in the Wunderlist app and I’m guaranteed to get a reminder on my Mac, on my Surface, or on my iPhone.

Let me know if I need to clarify — and/or expand on — anything.

I :hearts: this community.



The due time doesn’t currently trigger a reminder, but when tasks are listed in order of due date, those with a due time will appear higher in the list than those with no due time but the same date. It’s better than nothing, but a push notification would be super useful.


Same here. Have to duplicate items on calendar or Todoist or Toodledo in order to have the Due Time push notifications. This is a basic need for a task program.


I totally agree. I sell real estate and love other features about ASANA (task dependencies, etc.), but when i am juggling multiple projects (each home transaction is a project), I need timely reminders so that i don’t let anything fall through the cracks. This feature seems like it would really be simple to implement.


This would be a great feature and really something that should already exist! The feature exists in other such apps and even other less complicated apps. If it worked in Asana I could ditch reminders in Google and certain calendar tasks in Google Calendar. I’d then be able to just use Asana.

Please please PLEASE instigate this feature.


I have directly asked the support team before discovering this community, it would be a great improvement for basic todolist use.
I personally have switched to todoist for this particular reason for the moment, but really miss Asana user interface and ease of use.


Same here. I really love Asana but I need timely reminders.


Seriously just 15 likes for this. Wow; I cannot imagine an app today without robust notifications / reminders/ calendar sync. And sadly from the ex-founders of facebook app this is surely not EXPECTED!

Robust notification/ calendar sync mechanism is a must. @Alexis - such neat missing features; and still we see many defending the lack of it? We live in a world where most stuff is done on a smaller device than on web - we’re moving ahead and our APPS still lack the basic need to move ahead.

And yes second that the community is great and highly responsive - at times more than the Asana Support itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - ; but how far are our ideas taken? Any way to track? Does the team @ Asana understand that they need to improvise notifications and calendar syncs and not brush it aside saying - they are not planned for near future but will be considered?
@Alexis @Katie - i would love the team provide the wide user base with reminder notifications / calendar sync than the feature for choosing color of dashboards - usability vs beatification - choice matters!

Can you guys help get this highlighted to @Katie @Alexis ? any +ve insight onto this?
Btw; am sure many here in this forum would not mind paying a nominal fee for these features; if budget is constraint or intent is to charge users (without need to use the premium plan).



Yep, we really need a push notification while using Asana on the web browser. Most of the top browsers support it.
The push notification when the task is due would be really helpful. Please consider in adding this feature.


I totally agree. This is a must for this app.


Asana team - please make this feature far more robust. I have multiple Asana workspaces and am missing due dates frequently because I happen to be working in one workspace when a due date comes up in another and I do not get notified.


Seconded, +1, I’ll :hearts: it, all together.
Quicker and smarter communication with external calendar will make real difference.
please, please, please…


Another vote in favor. Just started exploring Asana in an in-depth manner, and the fact that this is missing is a HUGE negative.


What is the problem if they add Chrome Notifications options, sound options, etc. By default, they can close the notifications options, but if people want to use this feature, they can simply use it by enabling it.

What’s the problem in adding this feature I don’t understand? Requesting them to add this feature for so long, but they don’t add :frowning:


Agree Agree Agree! Bring on all the notifications, I need all the reminding that I can get.


Waiting for this feature as well! Should be great as @Shamant said to have some place where track the ideas, send kudos and also know if the Asana team will develop that feature / what is the feature status

Thanks guys


I believe not only chrome notifications.push notifications irrespective of device is a basic feature. Don’t know without that how people end up using asana…It’s like keeping an eye on the app/site always waiting for some update to happen …lol.


Agreed on the push notifications. I’m tired of running two separate apps or setting alarms on my phone to have timely notifications. Especially when it seems like the to-do apps come and go. As stated above, push notifications of a due date and time seems like a basic feature that should be easy to implement across platforms and recent operating systems.

I was very excited to read that push notifications were coming to the Android mobile app. Unfortunately, my phone is still running Marshmallow and my carrier will not be upgrading this model to Android N.

I am also wondering why the app has the menu items to choose push notifications and the associated customizations under “Notification Settings”, but not the capability to make them work. Shouldn’t these options be absent, or disabled, if they don’t actually work on my phone? Being able to (seemingly) activate these options with a working menu is confusing and unhelpful.

Many thanks for your continued work on a great product. Here’s hoping this can be added to Android Marshmellow.


+1 this is absolutely necessary for a completely perfect user experience!


It seems Zapier had (depreciated) action that used to put a specific time appointment based on due time - but tried to get it working and was not able to get it to function as wanted


really obviously missing item