Custom Reminder Notifications

Is it possible to receive ios in-app task reminders/alerts for a specific time. I do see that there is a place to enter the time a task is due and a way to setup notification alerts on the iphone, but as far as i can tell, I will only receive those alerts at midnight? Please add this needed feature! When working multiple projects, it is really nice to get a reminder so as to prevent an important task from falling through the cracks. Thanks so much!!


This should be very useful while handling multiple projects.

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Yes, please.
Something like:

  • Due Date: Today 11am
  • Reminder/Alert: Today 09am

It would also be nice if the Reminder push notification also remind me how much time left until Due.
Something like:

Write a blog post
Due in 2 hours (or mention the Due Date and time)


1000x yes! This is the biggest lacking feature imo. Todoist allows not only specific time reminders, but you can also set reminder notifications based on arriving at/leaving locations. Asana really needs to incorporate a similar feature.

For now, I’m having to use iOS reminders to accomplish this, and have not found a way in Asana or via any third party (e.g. IFTTT, Zapier) to be able to get Asana/iOS Reminders to work together (with a message going from Asana to iOS Reminders; I am aware of ways to go the opposite way). I don’t like having my todos across multiple apps though at all. If anyone has a better solution - please let me know!


That’s very cool feature. And I have an idea about notification too. The notification for specific tasks, specific tags, and specific project.

Yes Yes Yes!!! This is a MUST feature. I’m actually kinda shocked that Asana doesn’t have this as standard - really??? In a project management tool🤷🏻. Would’ve thought reminders would be basic functionality in the programme :smirk:

Please Asana - give us a reminder alert feature (other than email notification - I have enough stuff in my email inbox) on desktop & mobile app.


This is one of the core sticking points to full adoption of asana. I have team members entering tasks in asana, and then entering those same tasks in a calendar to get reminders… and then looking at me to explain why. This is one of those moments when it’s a bit embarrassing to evangelize the product.


This would be a great feature add. The way I envision it is exactly like Google Calendar reminders. They have a dropdown where you can choose to email or notification at a certain time frame prior to the due date/time:



Absolutely - Location-based reminders/notifications would put Asana over the top. I hate having to use another app to handle my location-specific tasks.


Asana are you actually listening to your customers? Reminders should be a basic feature in Asana, why has this still not been implemented after months & YEARS of this request? I love Asana but this reminder feature should be standard, all of your competition is doing it? …is it that hard to implement reminders in the App?
…Are you listening?

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This is a deal breaker for me. All of the tools are golden, but if I have a task due at 4PM tomorrow, I want the option to put a reminder at 3PM.

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I would love to hear from Asana on this topic considering the interest level from their customers. This is a critical feature. We would be more than happy if this was rolled out as a premium feature, just so long as it was available.


@Alexis is there any official update on this request??

Seems like there are many iOS users who NEED this functionality (myself Included) and appears to be a deal breaker for potential clients…

@Kaitie @Michael_A

ios like reminder functionality would help many people finally stop mixing asana with standard reminder app. Hope developers will take this feature into account

Absence of this feature is only reason I am using native iOS Reminders app for quick / daily notes.

Ditto. The iOS Reminder App has its drawbacks too, and I’d use Asana a lot more if there were a reminder feature. I want to know that something is due on Friday and a reminder at some interval — that I can change as needed — to remind me that it’s due and that I should be working on it. For example, Presentation due on Friday at 10am. On Wednesday, at 10am, I’d like to be able to set a reminder to work on it, print it, whatever. Thank you.

I would love to see this feature in Asana.

I don’t want to adjust my due date or create another task reminding me to follow-up a task/project, just a simple reminder that sends me an email or alert that I need to look at something.

As Asana has a calendar there should be a Meeting & Reminder function otherwise people stop using/maintaining Asana as they start writing their task & meetings in the phone reminder app.

I think I figured out a work-around. I created an IFTTT Applet that uses the location trigger and a “Rich” notification action with a link to the Asana URL of a search for tasks tagged with a unique tag for that specific location (ie. “@Work”). The downside is that I need to create a separate IFTTT Applet for each location, but I now get a notification that, when clicked, opens my Asana app to exactly the search results I want to review at that location.

Although I would definitely still prefer this as a built-in feature, I believe this will work as a stop-gap solution. It should also be possible to set something similar up with Tasker. I believe the IFTTT notification will disappear when clicked, so having a permanent notification at a location will likely require Tasker.

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