Integration to get Push notifications for "due-date" field in Asana!

Hi all! I would like to make an announcement. Most of the time using Asana I’ve been experiencing a lack of push-notifications on a task date/time arrival. Finally I decided to solve that problem and created a web extension for that: Here it is!

Please, try it out. I’d be glad to see any feedback in that topic so feel free to share any opinions!


Oh wow, thanks for sharing @eugene_beliaev! I’ve moved your post to the #integrations and slightly modified your title to make it more discoverable to other folks!

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Where is this integration? I can’t find it

Hi! The link doesn’t seem to be working in the post. Is there another way to set up “push” notifications near to a task’s due date/time (i.e. rather than just having the task in your daily rundown in your inbox/my tasks list, can you set an extra push reminder for a task that’s due at a certain time say 30 minutes prior to the deadline)? Thank you!

Hi Julia. I faced some technical issues and temporarily stopped support of the extension. I’m fixing it now and gonna finish and publish extension in closest week or two

Hi Eugene! Thank you so so so much for doing this. For me this is the most important tool in this kind of platform. Desperately waiting for it :pray::pray::pray:

Done. I fixed the extension and published it. Everything should work fine now.
Also, if you like the extension, please rate it in Chrome Web Store

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You’re amazing, thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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Hi, do you have any solutions for IOS and android?

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Currently we don’t, but I’m thinking about it. So I think it’s time to make a poll:

Do you need Asana Alarm to support mobile devices?
  • I really need that
  • I don’t care

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Thank you! hope it happens soon!

Thank you so much, Eugene! Any chance this can be done for Safari too?

It doesn’t open the page, does it still work?