Push Notifications at 'Due Time'

Dear Asana, Please make this a thing!!

Dear Asana,
What are your thoughts on this? Seems like this has been a requested feature for 3 years! Time to either do it or say we won’t, but let’s rip the bandaid off either way!


it´s ridiculous to not have this push notifications for due time triggering…

Hey everyone! I’ve been experiencing a lack of “due date” push-notifications functionality as well for a long time, so I decided to solve that problem and finally developed a Chrome extension for that! Please, try it out, and if you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out by my facebook

Hey, so as fa as I have understood there is no possibility to have notifications for due date on the mobile app, correct? I do not want to integrate Asana tasks and Google calendarm would be to messy for me.

Due time is a must have for me too. I just missed an important morning task that’s no longer relevant. It’s a really frustrating experience.

This is the biggest reason why I would never pay for this service and probably will find one that better suits my needs. It seems like something so basic!

I have been using Asana off and on for several years now. I recommend others try Asana. As I continue to gain more responsibilities at my job, I’ve been contemplating whether or not it is worth purchasing some of the premium features.

Recently (work has been on a year long uphill climb, and I have yet to see the top), I’ve had several projects with overlapping timelines. Lo-and-behold, I missed the due times for several tasks. I decided to make some time tonight to look into whether or not it is possible to turn on push notifications…

And then find out both paid and free users have been asking for this feature for over 3 years.

Asana, I genuinely enjoy using your platform. I want to continue using your platform. I want to try and get my team to buy-in on using this together. However, as my responsibilities continue to grow and my projects increasingly overlap, I foresee this lack of push notifications becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Please please please send out an update saying you are going to make push notifications a thing.

Until then, I will unfortunately have to start looking at and transitioning to another app. :frowning:
(Please add push notifications…)

Me too Angela.
This is the PERFECT personal planner even though it was more designed for working with teams. The only thing it is missing is the push notification that things are due. It really is a pity that something other companies have no problem with, Asana doesn’t offer and makes no real good sense.

Exactly. Push notifications shouldn’t have to be a paid feature, but it has everything else I need so if push notifications was a paid feature, then I’d fork out the money to not have to look elsewhere.

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I’m with you on that sentiment. If they did like a $5 a la cart add-on for push notifications, I would go for it without hesitation (to avoid switching platforms). However, if they added it onto the first paid level, it would push me over on deciding to purchase a paid account.

Asana- I would think that this particular request would have taken the number one spot in your product roadmap, it is absolutely critical this is implemented yesterday, not when you have a spare moment because of other priorities and that it’s too hard.
Your product is getting left behind in the dust of your competitors.
I am on construction sites during the day, I can’t be checking my phone every 30 mins just to remind myself I have a scheduled meeting elsehwere in 5 minutes, Asana should be doing this, it’s what it’s for.

I was evaluating several platforms and this is definitely a deal breaker :frowning:

3 1/2 years and still nothing. Why not? This is really ridiculous to think that such a large company cannot develop this. Thus, I feel that this is simply a money-driven decision. They clearly refuse to listen to their customers. They haven’t figured out how to monetize this, so they refuse to develop it. They have made hundreds of other enhancements that require much more development hours, but still nothing in this area. Very sad. Asana, in case you change your mind, here’s a link to developing push notifications for iOS: https://developer.apple.com/notifications/. If you require assistance, please PM me and I can have my son who’s a Phd in CS assist your development team.

Was googling trying to work out how to set a notification for a task so I don’t forget it. Is this really not possible!? I don’t understand what I am missing.

Hey guys! I guess I solved the issue you’re talking about. Here’s my post:

Hi! Our Team would really need this feature too! No chance, Asana???

Mark this down as just another thread that’s over three years old that when people complain that Asana will point to and then do nothing. Wonder when that’s going to hit a breaking point lol



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Any update after 3 years ? It’s a MUST have !