IOS notifications

In settings I have all notifications on.
Other programs have no problem with sending message to screen, sound, or badge icon.

Can’t seem to figure out why I am getting NO notification from Asana at time of task due.

Anyone help out a newbie Asana user?

Are you talking about “time” or due date for notifications? While Asana has time, it is my understanding there are not time notifications only due date.

Ah. Time based notifications is what I was looking for.

It’s quite unfortunate this simple capability does not exist.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hey, Michael. If you haven’t already be sure to check out ― and vote for ― the following topic: Push Notifications at 'Due Time'. This seems to be a pretty lively topic/thread. Here’s hoping notifications at ‘due time’ are enabled in some way or another.

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@Jason is spot on here @Michael_Harrington

While we do not support push notifications at the moment, there has been lots of interest in the community for supporting this feature. I recommend registering your support of this by voting on the link Jason posted in his response.


Not cool, I keep missing out on job opportunities because you don’t have push notifications. What kind of app doesn’t at least give you the option?

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Push Notifications is a big shortcoming of Asana. Instead, we get emails or Slack notifications and then the presentations of those notifications and related content is poorly implemented. It’s an ongoing complaint from our staff.