iOS has no notifications whatsoever?


So my team and I recently switched to asana and we realized we get no notifications whatsoever on our iphone, even though we turned it on under setting > notification center > asana > banner and badge on AND setting > asana > notifications on. We need to constantly open Asana on our phone to see if there’s a new task that was assigned to us. I saw people were complaining about iOS device not getting notifications for due date, but for our case, we are not getting ANYTHING at all.


Hi @Sidao_Li and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

Sounds like you have all your setting right, could you just verify you have enabled all options (“Allow notifications”, “Badge App icon” and “Show on lock screen” in Settings > Notification Center > Asana? (

One other important thing to keep in mind, you will only get push notifications when:

  • A task has been assigned to you
  • A task you’re assigned and/or following has a comment posted
  • A task you’re following is marked as complete
  • A task you’re assigned is due (sent around midnight on the day of the task’s due date)
  • A Conversation is posted in a Team or Workspace that you belong to


I’m also wondering which ios this is happening on - maybe it’s a recent thing. I haven’t yet updated to the most recent ios and I get my banners and alerts.
@Sidao_Li - is this an issue for every user, and are any of the users on different versions of ios?


@joel_charles maybe because we are all on iOS 12


Hi @Marie,

Yes. I have attached a photo of my setting in this email. And no, I’m not receiving ANY notifications at all (no push notification when a task is assigned to me, no push notification for new comment under a task I was assigned to, no push notification when a task is marked complete, no push notification when something is due, no nothing in the Notification Center for asana).


Thanks for the follow-up @Sidao_Li! @Joel_Charles I’m running iOS 12 and I’ve just tested push notifications, they are working fine for me, so the issue must come from something else!

@Sidao_Li, would you mind trying to delete your app and re-install it using this link?

I suspect the issue could be related to the app itself (you could be running an older version of the Asana app with the new iOS for example) in which case reinstalling it should fix your issue.

Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


@marie it works now! Got the notification after 5 mins a task was assigned to me! Hooooray! I’ll tell my team to do the same and let you know if they are experiencing similar issues


Great news @Sidao_Li :tada: Thank you so much for keeping me posted! Marking this post resolved for now, but please let me know if your colleagues are still running into trouble!