iOS has no notifications whatsoever?

No notifications as well on Iphone I get the little 1 sign on the app but thats it. Notifications work just fine on OSX and Browser apps. I also tried the alternate download link. Anyone have any updates? Thanks

Hi, so my company has gotten asana onboard for task tracking etc. I do not receive any notifications even if all the settings are right. Could you please help me and the strange thing is when I separately go to notification in my settings asana isn’t there in the option.

Pls help me get the notifications. I get emails and that’s it. I want to know if there is any new update on the tasks or if someone has assigned any task to me.

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Asana notifications on iOS were working fine for me until recently.

Right after the new year I stopped receiving notifications on my phone and I get the same error that @Ihsan_S.A is facing.

Edit: I should also mention that I have tried reinstalling the app multiple times now to no solution. I don’t even get Asana as an app in my notification settings page.

Please help :pray:t4: