Alerts at a set time

I’m a Wunderlist refugee. It’s a pity that one needs to dive that deep to find out that obvious functionality isn’t there.

I don’t really understand what’s the point of setting up a time for a deadline. In google calendar integration those tasks will still show up as whole day tasks. That means there is no way of getting notified at particular time about particular deadline.

Please add mobile app notifications. People are in the move now. well maybe not now exactly -> COVID-19, but will be back soon. Mobile notifications are needed.

Additionally for email notifications. It would be great to get notifications about tasks you created. Otherwise when I create tasks for myself I need to also assign myself to them. It’s a use case that is missing.

#StayHome :wink:

Actually thinking about calendar export I seem to like that idea much more. Putting Google aside exporting boards as an iCal links works for me flawlessly on desktop, yet not on mobile…

Also sending notifications… It looks quite logical but it requires a server to process and send all notifications for all free boards. That can come up costly, might be even too costly.

However now that we have Android app the it can be made to export selected projects as Calendars (as local Calendar provider). This way all notifications will happen locally even without network, no extra server power needed.