Alerts at a set time

Hi, I am addressing to the staff or team in asana.
From wat I see regarding feature requests and updates, all our customer requests are just being pushed to a particular forum where somebody has talked about it before but nothing being implemented to make it customer OR user friendly.
The app looks fantastic but lacks many basic features. I even upgraded to business to see if I get better features, but no. Task reminder so basic, it s like a cheetah trying to run without its legs.

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Asana implements tons of features, and the last weeks/months have been really productive, I believe this year will bring many features.

HI folks,

Just a quick note to let you know we’re launching a new set of Rule triggers based on due date and time which you can leverage to get reminded of approaching and overdue tasks. More info in this announcement: New triggers for Rules: “Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue”

Jesus. This thread is ancient. As a person with a development background, I can only imagine that you want to stick with your digest concept over customized notifications. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

If that is the case, please just say so. When you’re just responding to people apologizing for the delay and such, people are going to be disappointed, especially when the thread is around three years old and about a pretty basic function.

I do understand that - if the notification concept was implemented another way - this will take a bit more time than the general Asana client anticipates, but sticking with apologies and excuses doesn’t really help anybody.

I recommended Asana to a lot of people already. However, this behavior really isn’t solution-oriented at all. Considering that Asana is a productivity platform, I understand the other people on this forum expecting development to approach this differently.

Can you please put this on the roadmap and give people a rough timeline as to when this is going to be implemented? Any sort of workaround would be fine as well.

I think, after almost four years (!) people deserve an honest answer.


p.s.: I did read the last post on this, however I think providing this to business and enterprise customers only as custom rules is the wrong approach. This is basic functionality. It’s not something fancy like some sort of automation.

To break it down: People want a notification when a task is due. How can this be a Business-Plan+ feature and not be included in Premium for paying clients?

This should not be a rule of any sort. This should be part of the notifications - covered with an option: “Notify me when a task is due…” - and before that. That’s pretty much it.

We’re a software company as well and we implemented features like this in a few hours. I realize that this can’t be approached right away and I also understand that more pressing tasks are prioritized.

But after more than three years giving people the option to create a custom rule that is only available in the two biggest plans and not available to all other paying clients is disappointing.

This should be an option available to all paying clients. You do realize how basic this functionality is for a productivity platform, right?


I’m here to pipe in on this. It’s shocking that something so basic hasn’t been implemented. My company utilizes Asana to keep people on track on projects with VERY strict due dates.

I have severe ADHD (Inattentive type) and depend heavily on visuals and sounds to remind me to stay on track. One e-mail in the morning doesn’t necessarily help to keep me on track throughout the day. Without some kind of noise/popup, I tend to get hyper-focused on one task too long and forget about what else is on my task list.

I used to rely on Microsoft 365’s Tasks app and its alerts when I had to track my own things. But now I have to track whole teams. Asana kind of loses it’s “one stop shop” for task management when I need to rely on another task application to remind me of the tasks in Asana.

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Is it possible to schedule the opening of a task or a notification?

Example: I prepare tasks where to mention colleagues in updates, but I would like colleagues to receive the notification after 10 hours.

Hi @Anna22, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:


I must amplify the comments by @Andreas_Zeller and @K_Broski – this is a critical ability to have in some form or fashion. I don’t even ask for it to be integrated directly into Asana itself – it would be sufficient to have a one-way integration with one or more free or common calendar platforms that fulfills this role.

For instance, I use Google Calendar as my schedule integration solution (pushing one-way to firewalled and other platforms and accounts as needed). I have projects synced to the Calendar – but as they are non-native to my Google account, I can’t assign a time to them, much less an alarm! I have to create a duplicate appointment to gain the functionality. This is suboptimal, and I shouldn’t have to pay a third-party developer just to gain this feature for others (e.g., bi-directionality) that I don’t need – much less pay for an Asana user level that I also don’t need!

Please, if this is a difficult problem due to Asana’s backend, say so. If this is a difficult problem due to a contracting issue, say so. If this is a difficult problem due to an internal policy, say so. And if this is never going to be a priority for Asana, for the love of customer relations, please say so.


5 years how is this not a thing. Makes me not want to join a platform that isn’t able to provide such a basic feature


Wow - this sucks. I can use my calendar to set tasks and reminders, now I am switching apps to do something super basic… and yet you keep adding functionality on to try and charge more and you’ve left a basic functionality.

FYI…Starting some weeks ago, I started receiving push notifications at due time on the Android (beta) app (but not the web app).

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@lpb this is indeed a feature but I don’t think it was officially announced yet.


It is a feature that is available on desktop? I looked at my settings and all I really see are notifications sent to my email. I receive way too many emails to have email notifications on. I need a desktop push notification, like I would with my email, but linked to the Asana app. This is also easier for my manager and team to track. I can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented.

When will Asana send me a notification for a task that is due?

Any updates here?