Set a reminder to tasks


I suggest adding a reminder option to a task. I have a section called “Waiting On” where I drag tasks to that I’m waiting on someone else. I’d like to set a reminder, say 3 days, for it to pop back up into my inbox or to dos again (or a notifications section, something like that).


Hi @Eric_Graham

Do you have a premium account? If so, I was just thinking that you could use start dates to accomplish this. You set the start date 3 days before the due date, then the task will appear in the Today section of My Tasks 3 days in advance. You could also tag it as ‘Waiting on’, so that it stands out as a reminder.


Thanks, Mark. Good suggestions. I don’t have premium but will consider it.
I move it into a Waiting On section, but that can get overlooked after a
while, which is why I’m hoping to create more visibility around it, using a
reminder. But sounds like there are a couple workaround options in the


I’m using a free organization account.

I created a private “Follow-Up” project specifically to track things I’m blocked on or need to follow up on.

If a task I’m working on becomes dependent on someone else for something, or if I can’t work on it right away, I’ll add the “Follow-Up” project to the task (while leaving any existing projects as they are). I also set a due date for the task for when I want it to show back up in My Tasks under Today. Then I mark the task for Later (TAB+L from within the task) and it goes away off into the Later section of My Tasks and won’t bother me again until the due date arrives.

The Follow-Up project also gives me one place to go to see all the things I’m personally waiting on across all projects. Because it’s a private project it doesn’t clutter up the team’s project list for other team members.

I also use the “Reminder Tasks from Inbox” and “Follow-Up Tasks from Right Pane” hacks in my profile settings to easily create follow up tasks. I always use the same procedure for these by adding them to the follow-up project and setting due dates. This allows me to check in on things that maybe aren’t assigned to me but need my input, or something I want to go back to and comment on later but don’t have time to currently. This way I don’t have to leave things in my Inbox when I know I want to respond and I can prioritize them in My Tasks based on when I want to deal with them rather than having them be a full interruption.

Let me know if you have questions or want more specifics.

Create follow-up tasks as sub-tasks, not as isolated tasks