Automatic Reminder for Overdue Tasks

Brilliant! Thanks so much and sorry for not seeing that even though I spend some time looking :slight_smile:

Yeap. Saw this one. Not what I am looking for at all. I personally would love to receive e-mail and the movement between Asana and e-mail are not a problem at all. I personally live in e-mail and then in Asana. My goal here is to be able to receive a mail notification if there are tasks by my team that were not completed on time :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone! I’ve been experiencing a lack of “due date” push-notifications functionality as well for a long time, so I decided to solve that problem and finally developed a Chrome extension for that! Please, try it out, and if you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out by my facebook

As a Manager of a team, this would be super helpful in a Project Tool like Asana.

FYI an overdue-tasks email notification rule is available in Flowsana (I’m its author); here’s an example of what it looks like to create such a rule and the available notification options:

Hi everyone! We have recently implement a new feature that allows you to create automatic reminders for overdue tasks. You can find all details in our announcement:

Let me know if you have any feedback! :slight_smile:

Have a great day!