More options for Email Notifications

Asana is a wonderful tool but can be frustrating as I need to constantly check for task deadline performance.

Personally I would prefer to be notified if a deadline is not reached as it enables me to respond quickly and reallocate resources. Currently having to check means I am wasting time checking all tasks rather than focusing on reacting to areas of concern.

Obviously in the ideal world my team members would notify if they are running behind and we would reset deadline or provide additional resource. However in my reality this does not always happen which leaves me constantly checking.

Am I missing something and is another user aware of of a process to give me this functionality or does everyone agree this would be a great benefit?

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Welcome to the Forum @Richard6 and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

Other users have requested the same feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback and votes in one thread. I hope it’s OK.

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Can anyone make this happen? I would like feature that allows a supervisor receive only notifications when a task has a status of: Ready for Review. That way she can check everytime a task is pending her approval.
If she is burdened by 1000 notifications daily (We have a pretty large team) she will miss the important ones and pertinent to her.

I would really love to be able to set notifications just for @ and task assignments. The rest is overkill for my needs. Thank you!

Please break this option into separated options. I really only want to be notified if someone @mentions me, so when I’m not in Asana, I can be sure to see their attempt to contact me and respond.

Send me email notifications for: Activity updates
Send me email notifications for: New tasks assigned to you
Send me email notifications for: @mentions
Send me email notifications for: completion notifications for tasks you’re following

Would love if there was more specification on the types of email notifications you want. For example, I would only love to JUST get emails about tasks I am tagged in or assigned. I don’t want to get emails about changing the status of the task. Right now, I just get all of them since there is no way to customize this more.

If you use the Asana Inbox (which is much better than email) it now has options for filtering like the ones you mention.

Hi @Vivian_Ritter and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is a popular thread in the Forum regarding this topic, so I’m merging your post with it to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope it’s OK.

In the meantime, as @Bastien_Siebman suggested, I’d also recommend you to use the Inbox, where you can filter notifications by:

  1. Assigned to me
  2. @Mentioned
  3. Assigned by me

I hope this helps Vivian! Have a great Monday!

I would prefer this specifically for email since email just sends your the latest comment. The inbox thread is hard to use bc it contains the full thread of the task and not just the message I was tagged in. I don’t see myself using the inbox feature until that is fixed.

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We’re having the same issue. Clients have started to refuse to use the platform because they’re bombarded by emails that don’t have anything to do with the specific tasks they were assigned.

The problem, as we see it, is that if we remove the client from the project and only add them at the task level, they don’t know/can’t see what’s going on with the rest of the project. But if they are added at the project level, they receive emails every time Joe, Bob, or Sue completes one of their tasks.

We are firm believers in task dependencies and automation using the rules. What we’d really like to see is an option where the client (or any staff member) was only sent an email notification when the preceding tasks were finished and their task was ready to be started.

Perhaps instead of Activity Updates (which includes “New tasks assigned to you, @mentions, and completion notifications for tasks you’re a collaborator on”), breaking them into individual settings:

  • New Tasks Assigned to You
  • Assigned Task No Longer Waiting
  • @Mentions
  • Project Notifications

I would like the ability to receive email notifications only when I am @mentioned in Asana. This feature seems to exist in my Asana Inbox, but I rely on email notifications. Important @mention notifications are getting buried under a barrage of other updates on projects I’m following.

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This would be extremely helpful to add this feature. The inbox on Asana is not useful since it shows a full thread of the task and it’s hard to actually get to the current comment or update. I use the email notifications for Asana instead but I don’t like how there is not a way to customize this more. I get notified for everything when I would just like to get emails when I was mentioned on a task or assigned a task and that’s it. I noticed this thread started in August 2018. Are there any updates to adding this feature?

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Happy Thursday everybody :wave:

We are aware this is a very popular topic among the community, so first of all thank you to everyone who voted and submitted ideas to improve email notifications.

In order for us to gain more clarity on what matters the most to you among all ideas listed here, we have decided to split this main thread into different sub-threads. I’ve listed them below and I would highly encourage you to cast your vote on the ones which you consider the most important. To avoid any confusion, I’m closing this main thread, but please note that we’ve kept track of all votes and comments submitted here and will use them as part of our next Voice of Customer report!

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us; we look forward to sharing some exciting news on this topic!

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Currently, notification settings seem to be “all or nothing.” It would be nice to choose which specific notifications are needed. For example, members of my team don’t need a notification when I CREATE a new task, because I will only assign it to one of them. It creates confusion and clutter when ALL of them get notified for something that might not be relevant to them. For right now, I just removed everyone from the team – but that means none of them can create a task within our project anymore, right?

It would be great to have the ability to customize the notifications. This is something that each user should have the ability to control over what they want notifications for including the Asana Inbox.

We are finding that we are getting death by notifications and is a real downfall of Asana. It is getting hard to triage everything single little thing coming in - our team is getting 100s of notifications in a day and is just not effective. And every time somebody at mentions you - you then become a collaborator automatically which is frustrating as then you all of sudden start getting those notifications too. It would be hard to go through thousands of tasks that we have create to try and take ourselves off each individual task and subtasks. Mostly we opt to use the @mention which is super useful as that way as a team we can decide what info is important for us to see and what isn’t.
In another project management software we have been using give you the options to customize what you get notifications for and is far more effective way to receive notifications. Each of the follow is the ability to check which ones you would like:

Notify me by email when:

  • Someone @mentions me
  • Someone assigns me a task
  • Folder or task I follow is shared with someone new
  • Report is shared with me or delivered on schedule

For tasks assigned to me or created by me:

  • Date, Assignee, or Status is changed
  • Task description changes, or files are added
  • Someone comments without @mentioning me or my group
  • Task is added or removed from a Project or Folder

For other tasks I follow:

  • Date, Assignee, or Status is changed
  • Task description changes, or files are added
  • Someone comments without @mentioning me or my group
  • Task is added or removed from a Project or Folder

Email notification schedule

  • Send To-do list daily at
  • Send Daily digest daily at
  • Send Risk report weekly on Monday at

Notify me by email when

  • I missed several @mentions from my teammates. Send email at