Help us make email from Asana better!

Hello Asana Community! My name is Johanna and I’m a researcher here at Asana.

I’m currently working with a team that wants to make improvements to the emails you receive from Asana. So, over the next few months, we’ll be experimenting with some changes to our emails and we want your feedback along the way. Sound interesting? Keep reading…

What to expect as an email beta tester:

  • You’ll see new versions of our email notifications before anyone else.
  • If you see anything that looks broken or off, let us know by clicking a “give feedback” link you’ll find in the email.
  • You’ll be added to a private email beta group in this Community where you can sound off about our emails in general and what would make them better. We’ll also post specific questions to the group that you are welcome, but not obligated, to answer.
  • If you sign up but change your mind later, you can opt out at any time.

To sign up for our email beta group, please complete this survey: and we’ll follow up via email about next steps.

Hope to hear from you soon!

– Johanna, Asana Experience Research


The only that would be better in Asana is the billion threads you see throughout the community asking for better dashboard project overview metrics :frowning:


Hehe we both know it’s not quite a billion, @Sam_Leahey. Maybe on its way to a billion, though LOL. But we totally hear you. :slight_smile: Love your enthusiasm!


The first major thing I would love to have is a box by the email of past due tasks allowing you to check off as complete. Right now you can use the Complete in the return although it has never worked for me. If you could check off those that are complete, without going to Asana and opening the task it would be great. In addition, the tasks show as very tiny print on my Iphone. I have to expand the email to be able to read them. I will have more :slight_smile:


@Johanna_Pajak I prefer to keep all email notifications turned off and just rely on the notifications in the “Inbox” in Asana. The only emails I receive are product update emails. It would be great if product updates could be displayed in my Asana Inbox as well to help reduce actual email. Just my two cents…


Same here. I turned off email notifications due to all the mails flooding my inbox.


This is great feedback James! Thanks for your input, looking forward to hearing more!

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I Love this idea :slight_smile: Thanks Paul!

Have you seen how Slack does it? They have a little message section for new product features. It’s pretty cool!


Hey Johanna! I’d be happy to help in this endeavor - many people at my company still prefer to work in email with Asana updates, and I have some teams who only ever use email to create/respond to items.

I often get complaints about the amount of emails people get on a task they follow or own - that is overwhelming and hard to keep track. I usually tell them that’s the nature of the beast - you get everything or nothing - and then I slip in that it makes more sense to view the updates in the Asana Inbox ;D

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Email updates are fantastic for my clients who usually “forget” to log into Asana and see what updates have been made regarding the project we are doing for them.

I personally don’t need email updates because as a digital agency, we LIVE in Asana and use the inbox there. But when it comes to emailing our clients, I love that I can add them as a collaborator to a task, and when I ask them a question they get it in their email, they respond, and it gets posted back in the task. I don’t have to send separate emails. HUGE TIME SAVER - thank you for this!

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I have turned off email notification except for the Daily Update because of the sheer amount that we get. One of the reason being, when we reply to the email, all the images in our signature then get sent as separate emails to each collaborators. So one reply suddenly turned into 5 emails notification to every single collaborator of the task. To be honest this is now proving to be a deterrent to some of our users in using Asana.


Same issue for us. I asked our admin if they can disable the auto signatures when the email is sent to Asana. Unfortunately, due to company policy, it’s not possible. That’s why I always encourage my team to keep Asana open and update there directly.

Same with us, except with some of my team members, they find it difficult because Asana doesn’t have browser notifications so they don’t know when there is an update to a task that they’re following.

We live and die by email (and spreadsheets) so email improvements are exciting to us!

We would love to see the parent task name added to subtask email notifications. We have a lot of projects where the subtasks are exactly the same across projects. When a user is assigned or completes such a subtask, the email notification does not provide the name of the parent project until we click the email link to open it in Asana.

Also, it would be helpful if Asana could highlight the new stuff in an email so at a glance, you can see the latest update on any given task.


Thanks for the feedback Krista! When you get a chance, would you mind completing the survey here: so I can make sure you’re included in the early-access program?

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Completed it this morning, Johanna.

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Same here. I just use the Asana inbox. I already have enough emails.


My biggest problem with the Asana project emails is that they all look the same. With task opened, task closed, change date, new message, etc., it’s only secondary text that changes to reflect the update. It would be nice if these different actions were more visually dominant in the emails. Excited to see new and improved emails from Asana!


Ok I promised further thoughts and here they are:

  1. Fundamentally they should include all information possible. There are searches and views where this can be improved in Asana. If a sub task for instance is overdue, give its Team, Project, and Parent and Section to add context. Some may disagree that this is too busy but you know how CPA’s are for details. My feeling is why not use the same hierarchical structure we work in every day in Asana.
  2. I prefer the be sorted on Organization on Team on Project on Section (If Used)
  3. The ability to check off as complete as an example of the Overdue Task Email without opening Asana. I don’t even mind if it requires sending a return email.
  4. Use fonts to major on the majors and minor on the minors while providing all the information
  5. BEING A FINANCIAL GUY I AM NOT A GRAPHICS ARTIST, BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE In reality I build a lot of things in black and white because its clean, not because I am for or against the goth look :slight_smile: