Improvements to Gmail integration

Hi! After using a few other project/task management tools in the past, I’ve found that the Gmail integration with Asana is slightly lacking in comparison.

I’ve found several other threads pointing to some issues. E.g. when searching for a task the project name isn’t visible, etc.

I have a few concrete suggestions that I hope others in the community will also find valuable:

  • The integration should be faster i.e. load tasks much quicker
  • Adding the ability to attach an email or entire threat or even only attachments to an existing task (the current search function is basically useless in this regard at the moment, at least from what I know - please correct me if I’m wrong)
  • More functionality when creating tasks i.e.
  • natural language recognition for dates
  • the ability to choose a specific section in a list/board
  • the ability to add tags right away

These are some ideas that come to mind.
It seems like a simple pop-out window or something would do the trick. The side bar seems a bit clunky perhaps? Not sure if everyone would agree.

All in all, I hope to see some improvements in the future!
Keep up the good work Asana team! :clap:

Hi @DoraD, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We generally recommend having one feature request per thread so we can follow-up once the feature is available and we can see how many votes we have per feature!

We already have a couple of threads requesting updates for the Gmail add-on, please see below and add your votes:

If any of the requests is not listed above, please feel free to create a separate thread in the #productfeedback category! Thanks again!