Gmail Asana Add on - open source it?

Hi I’m using the Asana/GMail Add on but it really lacks features and UX. It takes 7 click to add an email to a project. This is insane.
Can Asana maybe share open source the Add on so we can improve it?

I would for instance like to see my favorite projects listed as buttons, and use 1 click to add the current email to a new ticket by clicking on my favorite project.

This would save tons of time…

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Hi @christophe.mes and welcome to the community.
I moved your post into the product feedback section, then users will be able to vote on your excellent idea!
Good luck

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Welcome @christophe.mes! I love the idea of the Gmail add on but agree that it could use some tweaking.

I would also like to have the option to select a section within a project when creating a new task from the Gmail add on. Right now I have an “email dump” project-- And then I have to go into that project to actually sort tasks from the Gmail the way I want to.

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Streamline and speed up the gmail addon:

  • use of drop-down boxes,
  • ability to search by Enter instead of clicking on the Search button
  • immediate closing of the task creation instance (creation of the task in the background without an hourglass)