Optimize Gmail Add-On

I’d love to see some optimizations to the Gmail Asana Add-On, including:

Set a default project – 99.9% of the time I’m sending these requests to the same project, so having it “auto-fill” the project and then change it if needed would be really helpful

Option to unset assignee – I’m usually assigning tasks within Asana proper so I can first evaluate workload, so having to assign it to myself (as the person creating the ticket) then un-assigning it in Asana feels redundant

Sync the same email to multiple tasks – We’ve had a few instances of clients adding a new request in the same email chain, so I’d love to be able to sync the same emails to separate requests to be able to assign and track those tasks separately

Sync multiple emails to one task – Almost the inverse of my above note, we’ve had clients send additional relevant information to a task in a separate email thread; short of reminding people about good email etiquette :wink: it would be helpful to collect all those email threads in one task

Overall I’m grateful for the tool and it’s helped our Asana implementation greatly, but these optimizations would be incredibly helpful to myself and our team!

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Hi @Kelli_Willcoxson , welcome to the forum :wave:

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