Add Tags in Asana for Gmail



Please consider allowing tags to be added to new tasks in Asana for Gmail.


Offering a little more background on my use case here:

I use tags to implement a priority ranking for my “Next Actions” list (a la GTD). Almost all of my interaction with Asana is through my Next Actions list (a view that detects the priority tags) and my Upcoming list. Because of limitations in Asana search–it can’t handle boolean operators–the only way I have figured out how to mark tasks as belonging on the Next Actions list is to add a priority tag to them. If I can’t add tags in Gmail, I will have to go through manually and find those tasks again to tag them in the Asana app.


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and to provide us with detailed context, this is extremely useful. Understanding your needs as a customer really allow us to make the best decision for the future of Asana. While I can’t promise if or when this will be implemented, we will definitely take your feedback onboard when we revisiting this add-on!