Add a tag to an Asana task created via Salesforce Flow

Hi everyone,

We have a flow that creates Asana tasks. I was wondering if there is a way to add tags (Tab T) to these tasks while creating them through the flow. Flow action doesn’t have a field for tags, but is there anything else we can do?

Hello @Zeynep_Samiloglu :wave:

One workaround that has proven to be successful is to use Custom Fields to mark tasks that need to have a specific tag added.

You can create a Rule with the necessary conditions that when met it updates this value of the custom field. I would then create a Saved Search for all tasks with this custom field value that doesn’t have the tag you are wanting already applied to it. While this might not be ideal, it allows you to easily manage where that extra next step has to be taken to apply the tag.

There isn’t a way to natively add tags to tasks but you might check out Flowsana which can definitely achieve what you are looking to do and more!